Joanne Eastwood just posted a photo to your cause, keep peter sutcliffe (the ripper) locked up ( Thanks, Joanne Eastwood Ddm LIFE IS LIFE ( Stop…Read More

PETER SUTCLIFF ........... LOW RISK !! WATEVA.................

SO .......... peter sutcliff is now low risk !!! MY ASS HE IS !!! SORRY .......... YORKSHIRE Ripper Peter Sutcliffe has been classified low risk and recommended for release from Broadmoor, The Sun can reveal. The top-security hospital's doctors have told…Read More

peter sutcliffe

peter sutcliffe is now receivin health care off nhs,as hes now 20 stone!! id let him die of a heart attack not give him free health care to lose weight....

peter ass hole sutcliffe!!!

peter sutcliffe was given permission to walk round the grounds alone yesterday,(untill hes allowed out or what ever they plan to do with the murdering bastard!) hes also been allowed to cook in the kitchen....god help any women alone in there with him!!…Read More


jimmy savile and frank bruno visited peter sutcliffe!!! wat were they thinking????? why should they even want to breath the same air as him???

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