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Hello Everyone,

I’m not sure if you are aware of my involvement with The Arc of San Francisco. I started volunteering for The Arc in 2006 when I was at

The Arc of San Francisco serves people with developmental disabilities, which means our neighbors with autism—we’ve all heard how prevalent this disability has become, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities, epilepsy and similar conditions. I’m proud to be part of an organization that is helping change people’s lives in a positive way. Here is just one story of 550 stories that could be told about The Arc’s clients.

Lana does not hear, has cerebral palsy and severe scoliosis, a combination that makes everyday tasks difficult and requires “one-to-one” care.

When she came to The Arc 20 years ago, Lana’s health was better. Now in a wheelchair, she is assisted by her instructors in creating a life of new possibilities, including learning sign language so she can express herself more directly. Last year, The Arc helped Lana obtain a new battery-powered wheelchair which saves her strength and enables her to go out in the community, shop at her favorite thrift store and meet with her friends downtown. “I want people to see her as a person who is unique and interesting and has a lot to contribute,” says her instructor Maria. “There’s no reason she can’t continue to enjoy all the things that make her life meaningful.”

That’s just one inspiring story that lifts my spirit and moves me to do more. And I hope it lifts your spirit and moves you to help as well.

Recently, a donor gave the Board of Directors a $25,000 challenge. That means for every dollar a board member raises, it will be matched in full. For my part, I’m trying to raise awareness and $2,500 toward this challenge.

Your contribution toward this goal can make a real difference in the lives of Arc clients. I’d be grateful if you would make a donation by going to their website at and clicking on MyArcSF and then Donate Now. In the gifts area, select Designating Your Donation. You’ll see the Board Challenge mentioned. Under your donation amount and name, you’ll see a box that asks if someone should be notified about your gift -- just type Jim Emerich. I’ll be notified of your donation.

Thank you for your help in bringing more opportunities to people with developmental disabilities. I hope to see you soon.



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