"Portland Oregon" is going to make it for Thanksgiving

Here's Randy's blog with a picture of the new sign in progress: http://www.commissionerleonard.typepad.com/. According to the schedule, Randy will be turning the new sign on on Thanksgiving Day!

Good news, the sign will become "Portland Oregon"

Here's Randy Leonard's blog http://commissionerleonard.typepad.com/commissioner_randy_leonar/2010/03/landmark-sign-to-become-portlands-own.html where he announces the change to the sign. There will be a Historic Landmark Commission hearing in May to review…Read More

Save Made in Oregon Sign Survey

Hello all, After all the hard work we've done to this point to save the Made in Oregon sign, I am curious what you all think about starting a non-profit trust to purchase and maintain the sign. Please, take this very easy and simply…Read More

Save Sign Supporter Running for City Council

Hello and Happy Holidays, I am writing you to consider supporting a City Commissioner candidate that I’ve known for over a decade. Jesse Cornett was behind the scenes helping to Save the Made in Oregon Sign (update below). He has more than the requisite…Read More

Proposed change to the sign

It's been widely reported that Randy Leonard has been negotiating with Ramsay Sign Co (Darryl Paulsen, Pres.) to acquire the sign for the City and change it to read "Portland Oregon". How do you feel about this proposal?    Glen Beckley Cause Admin

Made in Oregon Sign alert

This issue is not "dead" yet. The City Landmark Commission rejected the proposed changes and a new hearing was set for Monday, July 27 to review further compromises. You can help retain the sign the way it is by recruiting more members to this cause. The City…Read More

Action Alert: Kill the Sign Change!

I have to say that I never thought this would happen. We were given a compromise back in April. Then the University of Oregon decided to breach that compromise by changing the nature and character of the water tower. On July 13, the Historic Landmarks…Read More
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