Nothing can separate us from God's love

No matter what, God loves us! As followers of Christ, we can be closer to God, working to follow His will and share His love with others. Paul the Apostle wrote in his letter to the Roman Christians, "I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels…Read More

The world is short.

Thw World is sooooo shorr...


Object: A chair. Lesson: To illustrate faith and to present the plan of salvation. Presentation: Today I want to use the chair as the object lesson. You see, I am quite tired, and I want to sit down in this chair and rest, but I just don't know whether or…Read More

Tearing Down or Building Up?

Tearing Down or Building Up? Object: A rose in bloom. Lesson: A Christian should not tear things or people down (Phil. 4:8). Presentation: I need someone to help me with the object lesson today. All right, you come up and help me. Do you see this rose? Now,…Read More

Keeping Clean

Keeping Clean Object: A wrapped cake of soap. Lesson: To emphasize the need of cleansing for the Christian. Presentation: I'm sure all of you know what this object is used for. The soap ads we see and hear everywhere today make all kinds of wonderful claims…Read More

Time Is Running Out

Time Is Running Out Object: A timer such as you might have around the kitchen. Lesson: Christ is coming soon (Matt. 24:33). Presentation: Have you ever seen Mother use a timer like this when she's boiling eggs or baking a cake? Or perhaps you've used it to…Read More

A Dirty Cup

A Dirty Cup Object: A cup that is clean on the outside but dirty on the inside. Lesson: We should not be hypocrites. Presentation: How would you like a nice, cool drink from this cup? Do you really think you would? It is a nice cup, isn't it? And it does…Read More
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