Provide emotional and educational support to women dealing with breast cancer and facilitate services for breast health.

Visit www.michellesplace.org or our Facebook page "Michelles Place Breast Cancer Resource Center". Michelle’s Place is a local resource center for women and their families dealing with breast cancer. Michelle’s Place was created as a dying wish of Michelle Watson. Michelle was a 26-year old victim of breast cancer who was a vegetarian, college athlete and all-around amazingly loving person. As a Temecula resident, Michelle was frustrated with the lack of resources available to her while facing the challenges of cancer treatment. She wanted a place to go where she would find comfort, resources and information.

Michelle’s Place is currently the only Breast Cancer Resource Center in the Southern Riverside County area. Michelle’s Place is also currently one of the only facilities in Riverside County offering free mammograms and other diagnostic services to women less than 40 years old. The local County funded facilities use Michelle’s Place as their resource for these women to receive breast care. There is currently no State or local funding to provide uninsured women with breast health care. Michelle’s Place is filling that need.

Michelle’s Place offers all of our services free to the community. We provide free wigs, prosthesis, and support groups. We also have a lending library and a survivor telephone support system. The survivor network provides newly diagnosed women and their families with a source to answer their questions, find comfort and provide insight into their new diagnosis. We offer free educational seminars throughout the year that are open to the public and many can be found on our website as online videos. These seminars offer information on nutrition, breast health, breast cancer prevention, exercise, stress relief and methods to help in the healing process. The Pink Ribbon Assistance program offers basic needs assistance to women going through treatment.

1. ACS reports 20,080 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in CA in '08.

2. 4,150 people died from the disease.

3. Early detection is key to surviving breast cancer.

4. Michelle's Place (www.michellesplace.org) is the ONLY breast cancer resource center in the Inland Empire.

5. There are no State funded mammogram programs for women. Michelle's Place provides free diagnostic services (mammograms, biopsies) to save lives.