Still alive and well!!

It's been a while since we last posted on our cause. As a teacher, the myth about working 8-3, having weekends free, and summers off is just that - a myth. Most teachers work many more hours than people realize and are always looking for ways to improve…Read More

New Facebook Page created for Support Your Local Teachers!

Hello everyone! New Facebook Page to show your support: A lot of teachers stay so busy during the school year, it's hard to find time for our special causes and sometimes difficult…Read More

Teacher Crisis

Teachers need to know that they are supported. It's not teachers who are failing the American education system. Look at the statistics and see what No Child Left Behind has left behind! Do YOU support your child's education? Lots of parents attend football…Read More

Education Crisis

Today I was told that teachers/education don't need more money until people see better results. Don't people realize that NCLB is one of the major reasons why public education is failing our children? It's not the teachers! Children are learning to memorize,…Read More

Education Week

Last week was Education Week. Many thanks to the Parent-Teacher-Student-Association and the National-Honor-Society-Students at my school for their wonderful appreciation of teachers and other personnel who work so hard to help our students become the best…Read More

Show Your Support for Teachers

Teachers want to be respected for what they do. Please show your support by asking all your friends to join our cause. No money, no phone calls, just invite your friends to join. Take the pledge to invite 100 friends. It is GREATLY appreciated.

What YOU Can Do to Support Your Local Teachers!!

School is back in session and the hectic days are here again. What happened to summer??? One way you can support your local teachers is to become more involved with your child's schooling. Most schools have homework pages and portals where you can see how…Read More
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