To celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday and help children develop a love of reading, Sylvan Learning encourages parents and teachers to ensure every child in North America reads on Tuesday, March 2nd.

1. We encourage all parents and teachers to go to www.SylvanLearning.com/ReadAcrossAmerica today and pledge to read on March 2nd.

2. There are two pledges, one for children to promise to read, and one for parents/educators to promise to help children pursue reading interests.

3. Sylvan educators will encourage a love of reading in our local communities by creating reading events to literally read across North America!

4. Ask your friends and family to visit www.SylvanLearning.com/ReadAcrossAmerica and celebrate by sending an e-card recommending a good book.

5. Create free reading lists for students in grades K-8 and celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday by earning points towards free prizes: www.BookAdventure.com