International Volunteer Day - Thank You!

Dear YFU volunteer, today, December 5th, we celebrate again the International Volunteer Day. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful work you do -sometimes daily, sometimes monthly- to keep the lights of the world shining.. Rachel…Read More

YFU Week 2008 is approaching...

Dear fellow-YFUer, as December is soon here - the Second Annual YFU week is getting closer! Have you already contacted your friends, other volunteers and the staff at the YFU office and seen what exactly will be going on in your town, region or country…Read More

Help YFU - get a roundtrip to USA!

Dear YFU Program Alumni: Whether you participated on the YFU program to the United States last year or 40 years ago, I hope that your experience was a success. It is likely that you have continued relationships with members of your host family, as well as…Read More

YFU: The next step in "One network - one goal"

600 individuals have already expressed their solidarity by joining the cause "One network - one goal" Your commitment has contributed to boosting the motivation of many YFU volunteers who are actively recruiting host families. Let's take our support one step…Read More

One network - one goal!

Dear YFU friend We have just started a facebook cause to find more host families in the whole YFU network. It's called "One network - one goal!" and can be found here: We would greatly appreciate it if you would join us…Read More

Help YFU place more students!

Dear friend of YFU! The Global YFU week has passed and the cause here on Facebook got over 500 members. That's great! Until the next Global YFU week, you can still make a difference for an exchange student. Help YFU in your home country to place more…Read More

Are the lights of the world still shining...?

Dear fellow YFU-er. As the first ever Global YFU Week is already behind us, now it would be really cool to hear your stories..! Did you organize or participate in a YFU-related activity during last week - or even wear your shirt or pin to school/work as we…Read More
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