To help underprivileged kids with an emphasis on homeless youth

The Little Red Wagon Foundation was started 5 years ago by now 11 year old Zach Bonner. The mission is to help underprivileged kids by meeting their basic needs but also doing something special for the kids. This has been accomplished by making backpacks full of food and supplies that is distriputed to homeless youth across the country. Each backpack has a small toy such as a yo yo, frisbee, or comic book.
We do holiday parties for kids effected by Hurricane Katrina, homeless kids, and kids in domestic violence shelters. Providing holiday gifts, gift bags, and holiday hams to over 1800 families.
We provide school supplies and candy for treats to kids in title 1 schools through Teaching Tools for Hillsborough Schools.
We do awareness projects for homeless youth such as 24 hours in which kids from all across the state of Florida come together and simulate being homeless for 24 hours in order to raise awareness and supplies for homeless kids.
Zach is walking from his home in Tampa to DC over 1200 miles to raise awareness to homeless kids as well.
Zach also encourages other youth to get involved in volunteerism and is a positive role model by actions not just words.

1. To raise awareness to the over 1.3 million homeless kids in this country.

2. To meet these kids basic needs by donating backpacks with food and supplies but also to take it one step further and try and meet a kid need.

3. To provide basic supplies to help kids , that can not afford them, to succeed in school

4. www.LittleRedWagonFoundation.com