help families after the loss of an infant.

TGBAS is dedicated to providing bereaved families with the essential support needed to travel the road of grief in a healthy manor. We have a 3-part system to providing our families with the best possible support.

Emotional support.

Through peer support families are able to meet others who have traveled the same road. Support Group Meetings provides families a chance to meet face to face and share their child's life, and death. Through these support group meetings families are able to learn new coping skills. Remembering your child's life can be very therapeutic to some bereaved parents. We provide various events, and web site sections to help families remember their children in positive ways.

Financial Support.

As funds become available The Great Against SIDS helps families in dire need with the expenses related to funeral arrangement ∓mp;mp; marker costs. These programs reduce the financial stress that accompanies the death of a loved one.


Increase the general awareness regarding SIDS and infant, toddler, and young child loss, the general population is more adapted to dealing with friends, family, and co-workers who lose a child. This is critical to providing families with the opportunity to grieve in a healthy manor. This portion also includes providing training to those who immediately deal with the families, including law enforcement, first responders, funeral personnel, and public health nurses. There is always someone available at the office to help family, friends and co-workers who need suggestions on how to help the newly bereaved families.

But we don't stop at support. We AIM to eliminate the deaths of innocent children. This includes public education regarding lowering the risk of SIDS, safe sleeping habits for infants and young children, pool safety, proper health care, and much, much more! Please visit our programs page to learn more about our many programs!

1. Families deserve support after the loss of an infant or young child.

2. SIDS does Happen, educate yourself now.