In the process of giving the beautiful silk scarves as my gift for donating to CCF during these hard times, our group has raised 600.00. I am going to send in the donation to acknowledge all of you who willingly joined this most important and endearing…Read More

Vitamins needed

To all of you who are looking for ways to help this cause in these hard times, we need to purchase kid multi vitamins and pre natal vitamins. Since it costs so much to ship to Cambodia, any donation amount we can put together, we can send that amount directly…Read More

Easter Egg Hunt

I am happy to report that Jeri Tocco won the causes Hunt over Easter. I am sending 500.00 in her name, anyone who wants to help match that amount would be so appreciated. If you want to make a donation online go to the posted website as causes will not let me…Read More

Sponsors needed

For those able to do more, we have about 40 children who are in desperate need of sponsors. To find out more about sponsorship, please visit the website at and click on the sponsorship tab. The relationship you build with your…Read More

Thank you

I want to thank all of you who have joined the cause. Its time to start raising money. They have great tote bags, yoga bags, beach bags, back packs--all made from recycled material, so you are helping the environment too. The donation price is 35.00 on…Read More

just back

this was an amazing journey, it works, I saw the changes. Every penny helps save lives. There is so much needed. I am more dedicated than ever after this last trip. To witness physical, educational and personal growth in each child means that this…Read More

New Recruits

Hi everyone: Attention NEW RECRUITS I would love for all of you that have been recruited by others to join the Easter Egg Hunt game. Please send me an invite to add you as friend on FB so I can start sending you some eggs too!---Remember, this will cost you…Read More
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