McDonald's of Shirley Come to McDonald's with a flier tonight and help out Danny!

Danny's Birthday

To celebrate Danny's birthday with us on May 27th Please go to to get a flier and come have fun!


McDonald's of Shirley is generous enough to help out. They are celebrating Danny's birthday on May 27th! Please come down and celebrate with us!

Luekemia Lymphoma Society My friend Lisa has joined LLS in the 10k marathon! Check out her page and help fight against blood cancers!! It's for a great cause!! Another way to help FIGHT FOR DAN!!!

Can, for Fight for Dan

We will soon have a van for "Cans for Dan". We will be able to pick up anyone's recyclables so no one ruins their own cars. Just e-mail us and we will pick them up. Thanks for everyone's support! Patty Danny's Mom

Danny's fight

Danny will be going Thursday for a Spinal Tap, and a Bone Marrow test. Please keep him in your thoughts. We will find out how he is progressing, and will keep you informed. Thank you all again for your support, we would not be doing as well without it! The…Read More

Fight For Dan

Thanks to all that are spreading the word! Keep it going! Dan needs all the help he can get!
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