To extend our support and love to those that live with the mystery, wonder, and beauty that is Autism.

Autism has become a serious part of many of our lives. Most everyone knows or will know someone with Autism as the staggering number of cases world wide climbs. I know Autism because my family has struggled with the disorder for 25 years now as my brother Auggie was diagnosed at the age of 8. Before his diagnosis we lived in confusion and denial. For years top doctors all over the country were puzzled and just labeled him as mentally retarded. Some told us that he would never be able to talk or carry on any type of acceptable social interaction. My mother would cry herself to sleep wondering if her son would ever understand that he was loved or even love her back. We stayed strong, patient, and supportive. Today my brother Auggie is able to read, write, carry on conversation, and even hold a job with a special needs organization. It is through his amazing strides and unbelievable accomplishments that I learned the mystery, beauty, and innocence that lie in the mind of the Autistic. All it takes is understanding, patience, and support to make a difference. All I ask is that you take a little time to become aware and understand the disorder because there could come a time when you can make the difference. Thank you and God Bless.

1. We should all become aware of Autism's prevalence.

2. Take the time to understand the disorder and its effect on not only the individual but those around them.

3. Just be patient and accept them for the exceptional person that they are.