How can Giant supermarkets help save seals?

Thanks to you and thousands of others who stood up for seals this year, the writing is on the wall: Canada's commercial seal hunt cannot last. Help us end this barbaric annual slaughter by keeping up the pressure on the Canadian fishermen who hunt seals in…Read More

$20,000 for seals—YOU made it happen. Thank you.

$20,000 for seals—YOU made it happen.  Thank you. We met our goal for the seals! You and hundreds of others on Facebook stepped up during the last week of Canada's commercial seal slaughter, helping us raise more than $20,000 for our campaign to end that…Read More

The Seal Hunt Has Begun.

Victory - Taiwan has banned seal products!

Great news! Last week Taiwan passed a historic ban on the commercial trade in marine mammals and their products! This is a major step forward in the campaign to end Canada's commercial seal hunt – and a decision that will set an important example for other…Read More

Two Seal Activists Meet in DC!

One of DC finest chefs, Cathal Armstrong, spent some time last week with young activist Martin Welych Flanagan at Cathal's award-winning restaurant, Restaurant Eve. Cathal showed Martin the kitchen, Martin gave Cathal one of his Protect Seals bracelets, and…Read More

Seal Survivor (beautiful seal video)

Watch this video of Survivor basking in the sun and give to help ensure ALL seals are safe like him!

Watching Seal Pups Die. Determined to stop the slaughter

I'm flying over the northern Gulf of St. Lawrence, where sealers are clubbing and shooting every baby seal they can find. There are few words to describe the feelings of frustration and helplessness that overcome me when we film this slaughter. We hover,…Read More
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