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I've been looking at how many ppl have joined my cause and wouldnt it be amazing if every one of us donated just $1 to it?..... we'd collectively raise over $13,000 for the IWK... that would be so amazing I think..... and I'm so greatful to all of you for…Read More


Just a quick reminder about the IWK Telethon coming up June 5th & 6th. Check your local listings for channel info.....And I'd like to thank u all for joining my cause and sharing ur stories. I've told all Lexi's doctor's there about the cause and about…Read More

New to Causes.....Birthday wish donations!!!!!

Causes now has a new feature!!!!!! You can now donate your Birthday wish to your favorite cause and help spread the word and maybe even raise some money for it.....If you have a Birthday coming up check it out!!!!!


Raised over 5.4 MILLION dollars......WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is on CTV right now and if my channel guide is right will stop at 12AM then start again at 12:30AM and run str8 thru the night until 6:30PM 2morrow nite.....DON'T 4GET TO TUNE IN!!!!!!!!


Just a little reminder to all that the IWK TELETHON will be airing May 30th, & May 31st, 2009.....check ur local listings for channel....

C100 radiothon

the C100 radio staion is hosting the IWK radiothon kids club memberships are $15.00/month (50 cents/day) or donate whatever you can call 1-800-595-2266 or go online at and donate there!!!!!!! EVENT IS RUNNING FROM RIGHT NOW UNTIL TOMORROW…Read More
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