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What Are These Trailers Like, Exactly....

Trailers at these low end sales are in all shapes and sizes. The low end dealers' trailers have one thing in common. The trailers are filthy, the floors are often covered in manure. The trailers often lack rubber mats. Bedding is non-existent, the only visible material on the floor of the trailers is several inches of manure.

The "killer buyers" will often have tractor trailers. Some are double decker cattle trailers designed to transport cattle and hogs, not horses. Or the "killer buyers" will bring their trailers in after the public has left. The loading of the "killer horses" onto the trailers, whether single tier or double tiers is almost always accomplished with whips, electric cattle prods, and yelling. The "killers" are well aware that what they are doing is not accepted equine industry management practice and like any other criminal elect to commit their crimes under the cover of darkness.

Often secreted away in trailers are horses in deplorable condition, left on the trailer so as not to be visible to the public. A private deal is then made between the dealer and the "killer buyer". This is illegal in PA. No sales are allowed in the parking lot or on the roads surrounding a livestock market.

The horse in this picture was down and bleeding in the trailer with blood pooling on the ground under the trailer. The owner brought the killer buyer out to the trailer and a deal was struck. The horse was forced to his feet and led inside the auction barn. Although local police were notified and did respond, the investigation left many unanswered questions as to the fate of the horse, and no one was held accountable for the cruely inflicted upon this horse.

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