Put an end to Fred Phelps' horrible teachings and silence him and his church.

Westboro Church is a cult and must be stoped.
He teaches that God hates America and America is doomed. His slogans read," God hates you.
Thank God for aids. God hates fag enablers. Your going to Hell. Thank God for dead soldiers. God is your enemy and Your pastor is a whore."
But the most recent, God Hates Australia. He says, (and I quote) " God hates filthy Australia. The people of Australia glory in their shame, proudly claiming the fag-enabling pervert Heath Ledger as their own - even as he endures eternal torment in the flames of Hell as punishment for his unrepentant, sin-promoting ways. Now Australia has their own flames, huge wildfires sent from God to discomfit and destroy some parts of the country while flooding others. Think "perpetual desolation."

What kind of a man does he think he is??
Calling Australia, "Fag infested land" and "sodomite damd". Saying "we're stupid " And saying the "bushfires in Victoria has sent many filthy Australian beast's to hell " and is "preying God burns more Australian's alive"...
Well Australia, I think I know someone who should be burned alive and it is not us!!!

1. Silence these disgusting people at Westboro Church