renewed push for signitures

I would like to thank all members for thier continued suppirt and welcome new members, in little over 3 months we have 359,510 members, this just goes to show the strength of feeling.

I would like to remind everyone that just joining the cause without signing the petition will not help the governments around the world see how the public really feel, the various governing bodies will not look at facebook but have to acknowledge petitions submitted to them and respond to our plight.

so once again i am urging you all to sign please, it takes 2 mins, all you do is add your name and e-mail and then click on corresponding e-mail link you will recieve, this is to ensure that it is a real person signing and not automated.

if you live in uk please sign here

if you live anywhere else then this is the link

we only have a total of 2377 signitures so far, please do not put off what will take 2 mins to make a difference to a childs safety.

For more details of all our aims and links to report suspected abuse in r/l and online please check our website

one more thing, please consider making this your featured cause on your profile page ...1 click to help bring awareness.

Leisha x


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