Re-newed push for petition signitures

Hi everyone,

I want to thank you all for your continued support, we now have 194,718 members, I think this just goes to show the strength of feelings ppl have towards this emotive subject.

Unfortunately for the various Government agencies around the world to take notice of us we have to get the petitions signed by you all, this takes less than 2 mins to do, I have 2 petitions running side by side, one for the UK and one for the rest of the world as non UK residents cannot sign our goverment one, although these will be handed in together as one joint worldwide petition.

As it stands today despite the total members of the cause being 194,718 only 509 ppl have signed te global one and 942 the UK one, that means there are 193,000 ppl that havent signed yet,..... 2 mins of your time to make a difference to the safety of all children is all that is needed.

The global Petition is here...

The UK Petition is here...

and please remember once you have signed and entered your e-mail address you have to go to your e-mail account to verify it, this is so the regulating body know that each signiture was from a real person and not computer generated.

Anyone that wishes to remain anonymous should sign the global one no matter where you live.

Once again i thank you for your support and lets hope we can get those signitures up and make our voices heard for the children !

Lady Brookes x

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