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Radio charity giveaway -

Tell us about your favourite charity and Colonial First State will get behind them with a $1,000 donation.

As Australia's largest fund manager, Colonial First State thinks it's important to give back to Australian charities and wants your help to do so.

Each week from the 26th of October, Colonial First State are going to give a $1,000 donation to a charity in need.

All you have to do is nominate a charity close to your heart, which you believe deserves a helping hand. It might be a cause you help out through donations, fundraising or volunteering or simply something that you feel passionate about. Every Friday, the selected charity will be announced during the Morning Program with Steve Price (9:00am - 12:00pm).

This is a great opportunity for you to help your favourite cause, and it's a great opportunity for Colonial First State to help as many people in need as possible.

So, how do you enter? Simply fill out the online ballot and tell us in 150 words or less who your nominated charity is, what they do, why you are nominating them and what they need (donations, equipment, supplies).

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