Back to Childrens Hope Chest of Dreams

Raise $1000 to help feed children in Haiti through the EDEYO Foundation

I want to thank everyone who supported the movement and my efforts over the years. As you know I take great pride in my country and the rich history we gave to the world. Our legacy can never be mocked and it will forever be a pinnacle point in global history.

However, there are some alarming statistics that plague Haiti everyday that cannot be celebrated. As descendants of the first independent Black nation in the WORLD, we have a responsibility. That responsibility is to give back to the future leaders -- the children of Haiti. There are so many elements to tackle but we can only do one at a time to ensure the resources are being well distributed. Different organizations execute different missions to Haiti; and to feed and give nourishment to the people is our current mission. Did you know that most children in Haiti don’t even eat every day? Imagine that! I want to challenge everyone who are members and non members of "Children’s Hope Chest of Dreams" to sacrifice 1 meal this month by donating $10 to the cause. Together we can work toward ensuring that each child gets a meal every day.

I would like to thank you all for your contributions in advance. This is the beginning of several fundraising goals that we will be spearheading in the near future. All the profits from this fundraiser are going to the EDEYO Foundation..

Thank You, Mecca aka Grimo / Director

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