There is great wealth within us that goes beyond monetary value. Our power to give, no matter what it is, can change a person’s life forever.

-Provide tools and training for organic farming for economic building. Sponsor school trips to tree farms and give them knowledge about the earth and the dire need for Haiti’s soil to be nurtured to support the growing need for trees.

-Provide educational support and supplies through Books4Haiti campaign to the Board of Ed.

-The first museum honoring the Haitian culture, arts, music, and dance.

-Micro lending to develop communities.

-Pen pal program designed to promote literacy through writing and poetry.

-Childrens book publishing
-Teaching kids through creating books

-Telling the Haitian story in 100 pictures-a billboard created by the kids illustrating photos of Haiti.

-Pennies4Haiti/change for Haiti-
kids are asked to contribute some form of change on a periodical basis. An account will be set up and the funds will be dispersed in the form of scholarships.

-Water purification tablets- Making people knowledgable about purification of the water they have access to.

1. Establish and maintain a Youth Center in Haiti to promote the principles and studies for intellctual, moral, spiritual and physical development.

2. Furnish food and other aid to children in Haiti

3. Grant diplomas for positive achievements.