Feeling the Pain

Ok so lately we have been getting people joining just to be ignorant. Well we are all here to have fun with this and see if we can make an impact but seriously if you get to ignorant on here then I will get rid of you. Keep it clean and if you just joined to…Read More

We are now a Town

Really this has gotten bigger than I ever thought so great job on everyone's part on getting more people. Great job everyone and the comments on the wall are all great! Keep up the "cause".

5,000,000+ members

So at this point we are a "Gibraltar" size cause and 1,280 to a really. I was wondering how long it would take us to a "Megalopolis" or 5,000,000+ members. I never really thought this would get this big so fast but I guess I was wrong. Lets keep this going…Read More

Let keep this clean people

If you got the email great if not then this is what I said. I started this for fun so let keep the language clean and fun, I will delete any posting that will offend people so pleas keep it clean and let just have fun with this and see how big we can get.

2000 people!!

I am speechless two thousand people!?! Thanks everyone!!!! Keep the word going out there! Here is an interesting news clip I found...if the link does not work copy and paste...Like to know some of your thoughts about…Read More

We reached 1,000!!!

Thanks to all who have joined this cause!!! Let's keep it going and spread the word! Pull those britches up people, buy a friend a belt, and teach it in the schools!!!

Thank You All..... And a little FYI info!

Since Mr. Mendoza is off Facebook for lint which I think is outstanding...It is a bit addictive, I wanted to thank everyone for making this thing huge! I would like to ask people to refrain from negativity and keep this thing fun! That is why my friend and…Read More
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