To advocate for the protection, advancement and enforcement of Child Rights throughout Trinidad and Tobago. An Initiative of R.I.S.E (Revolutionary Initiatives for Social Enrichment)

Far too many children are being abducted, neglected, exploited, abused and killed in Trinidad and Tobago.

Too often their cries go unheard, their innocence stolen, their trust demolished and their life disrupted.

We only hear them when their cries have ended and also their lives, we only take notice when they make the headlines like in the cases of Sean Luke, Amy Anamunthodo, Akiel Chambers, Hope Arismandez and the numerous others.

They are too young to protect themselves, it is up to us. Are you going to BE THAT VOICE? Are you going to DO SOMETHING instead of wait till another child becomes a victim? Are you going to MAKE A STAND?

You might be some child's hope, their future, their hero. You might just SAVE A LIFE.

If you join, we ask that you PLEASE invite ANYONE you know to join in the cause.

1. To raise awareness of child rights issues

2. To be a voice for the innocent children who are silently suffering from abuse, neglect and exploitation; and for those that have gone missing

3. To encourage community and individual involvement in recognizing and preventing child abuse, exploitation, abduction and neglect.

4. To empower children to recognise and avoid dangers and to report any cruelty done to them

5. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Revolutionary-Initiatives-for-Social-Enrichment-RISE/65806755118