The mission of the Relief Nursery is to strengthen families and keep children safe.

For over 30 years, whether you are talking with Relief Nursery families, staff, or volunteers, the consistent message you will hear is one of passion and commitment to keeping children safe from abuse and neglect. At the core of the Relief Nursery is the belief in focusing on, and building upon, the strength of each individual family. A wide array of support services are provided; always with a respect for the diversity of the families we serve. Research-based principles are embedded throughout our services while recognizing the changing needs of families. From crisis response, to therapeutic classrooms, to alcohol and drug recovery support, our staff work to keep children in our community safe from abuse and neglect. Through our state, national and international replication efforts Relief Nursery is a leader in child abuse prevention. Now, more than ever, we're seeing increased demand for our services and your support is crucial in helping children and famillies succeed.

1. Prevent child abuse and neglect (reliefnursery.org)

2. Keeping families together

3. To reduce dependency on state services