Prayer Request

Please pray from my good friend Jer' who is going through a rough time at present. Pray that God makes his paths clear and his purpose defined..Also resolution to his circumstances and he will receive a favourable outcome his employment situation. Bill

Update from Tim Robson

Today is my sister Julie Robson McClure next to last surgery!!! (hopefully :) Surgery time is @ 8:30am CST. Could you please keep her in your thoughts and prayers? Also offer up some prayers for those wonderful surgeons who have done such a fabulous job so…Read More

Prayer Request from a friend of mine Tim Robson

Could i ask everyone to pray for my sister Julie Robson McClure... She has been in a serious car accident. She has multiple serious injuries and is in surgery right now. Her husband is in the hospital as well but is ok. Julie Robson McClure my sister goes…Read More

Update from Tim Robson on his siters condition and prayer request

They are taken Julie to flush all her wounds. She has been conscious and alert up until this point. Next tonight they will put her under as they start to attach the steel plates that will hold the bones in her legs together. This is just temporary to get her…Read More

Prayer Request from Rebecca McBrayer

Please continue to keep Mary Anna Coleman in your prayers as she is still tired from her chemo treatment. Pray for her and her family to have JOY this week as she celebrates the reason that she has hope, our Savior Jesus Christ!

Further update from Tim Robson

Julie is resting tonight. They will take her in for her second round of surgery around 8am. The surgery will last most of the day Tomorrow if she stays stable thanks for your support and prayers! She is still being responsive and the reports are…Read More

Latest fro Tim Robson

Just heard from the doctor's... They are finished with the femur on her right leg which was completely broken in half. She is stable. They are moving on to the left arm. Now they are repairing the Ulna and the radius of her left arm which were both broken in…Read More
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