Laminitis and Equine Research

"Thousands of horses like Barbaro die each year of laminitis. They are race horses. Show horses. Barrel racers. Riding horses. Backyard friends.

They are our champions.

The NTRA Charities - Barbaro Memorial Fund was founded to help find a cure for laminitis and other equine diseases.

Please join in supporing equine medical research.

In this race there is no finish line..."


Laminitis results from the disruption (constant, intermittent or short-term) of blood flow to the sensitive and insensitive laminae. These laminae structures within the foot secure the coffin bone (the wedge-shaped bone within the foot) to the hoof wall. Inflammation often permanently weakens the laminae and interferes with the wall/bone bond. In severe cases, the bone and the hoof wall can separate. In these situations, the coffin bone may rotate within the foot, be displaced downward ("sink") and eventually penetrate the sole. Laminitis can affect one or all feet, but it is most often seen in the front feet concurrently.

The terms "laminitis" and "founder" are used interchangeably. However, founder usually refers to a chronic (long-term) condition associated with rotation of the coffin bone, whereas acute laminitis refers to symptoms associated with a sudden initial attack, including pain and inflammation of the laminae.

Donate to benefit all of our equines. Chances are, unfortunately, all of us have personally known a horse (or will in the future) with laminitis or another potentially fatal disease. The bracelets are awesome; I’ve ordered several so make sure to get one! I have a few extras if anyone needs one!

I know the picture isn't Barbaro but its a picture I took of Showing Up, also owned by the Jacksons. I figured it was pretty close and I don't have to worry about any copyrights.

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