Donor Dash

Greetings from us here at Gabriel's Gift! We are so excited to announce the upcoming Donor Dash in Denver & we'd love to have your participation. Please register for the race here and…Read More

Janurary FUNdraiser

Hi everyone! Happy new year and welcome to 2010! We at Gabriel's Gift are launching a new fundraising campaign to set the year off right and we NEED your help! We have partnered with a local company who has agreed to donate product to our organization and…Read More

FREE Wellness Services

Hi everyone, Just wanted to make you aware of this...It's a great way to get awesome treatments AND support a good cause! Denver, CO- Botanica Wellness Sanctuary, Denver’s premiere wellness center, is giving back to the Denver Community with their first…Read More

Donor Dash-Reminder!

Hi guys and Happy Independence Day! Just wanted to share a few things with you...We recently got a reply from Gabriel's donor family. His donor was a 4 month old girl named Kylie Grace from OK. Needless to say, I am overwhelmed and grateful and will be…Read More

Donor Dash---Coming up!

Hi everyone! The 10th annual donor dash is coming up and we're so excited to participate. If you are interested in joining our team, please go to, click on the Donor Dash logo and register. Be sure to register for "Gabriel's Gift"! I…Read More

Tweet tweet

Hey hey hey! Log on and follow us on Twitter! We are in fast-forward and would love to keep you updated!

Trauma reactions of parents

Just in case you didn't know...This is what it's like for parents. • Childhood chronic illness affects nearly 31% of American children and impacts both the child and the parents. • Stressors that come along with chronic illness are: financial, separation…Read More
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