Back to Stop The Nisshin Maru!

Nisshin Maru has lost this battle with us! Thank you all!

►Japan, Shimonoseki port, April 14, 2oo9~

The factory ship Nisshin Maru of the Japanese whaling fleet returned to Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, on Tuesday, completing hunts in the Antarctic Ocean hampered by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The fleet’s five other vessels involved in what the Japanese government claims is scientific research had already returned to Shimonoseki as of Monday.

They included Yushin Maru No. 3, whose stern was damaged in a collision with a Sea Shepherd vessel in February. No one was injured during the Sea Shepherd protest, but the Japan Coast Guard is inspecting the Japanese vessels and hearing from the crew members on how their operations were obstructed!

►Sea Shepherd made it impossible for Japanese whaling vessels to operate 16 days out of a 100-day fishing period in the Antarctic Ocean during the fiscal year ended in March, the agency said.

In fiscal 2008, the Japanese fleet caught 679 Antarctic minke whales and one fin whale. Japan refrained from hunting humpback whales as it did in the previous year in the belief that it needed more time to negotiate the matter with countries taking a stand against whaling!


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