Nisshin Maru and killing fleet set sail!!!

►November 19, 2oo9~ Japan- Whaling ships left port today for Antarctic waters for the annual hunt of the Ocean giants, setting the stage for high-seas confrontations with anti-whaling activists. The factory ship Nisshin Maru and the smaller Yushin Maru 2 and…Read More

Appeal to the Dutch Government Who Wants Emergency Act Against 'Environmental Pirates' Sea Shepherd

Japan AGAIN goes to Whalehunt!!!

Japan confirmed launching another whaling mission on Wednesday, 29.o4. 2oo9, aiming to catch up to 6o Minke Whales off its northeastern coast for what it calls 'research'!!! Nisshin Maru and The five supporting ships caught 679 Minke and one Fin Whale on…Read More

Nisshin Maru has lost this battle with us! Thank you all!

►Japan, Shimonoseki port, April 14, 2oo9~ The factory ship Nisshin Maru of the Japanese whaling fleet returned to Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi Prefecture, on Tuesday, completing hunts in the Antarctic Ocean hampered by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The…Read More
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