The Major places of Our Great Nation That Was Affected on September 11, 2001 Was New York City, New York (World Trade CENTER) and Washington D.C. (Pentagon) but I Believe That Every Singe United States Citizen of the States and/or Territorries(Puecto Rico, American Somoa, and ect.) Had A Tear In Their Eye When They Heard This News. On September 11, 2001 Approximetly 9:00 a.m. The First Tower Was Hit. I Ask These People What Was The Point In This? To Prove Your Countrys Men Are as Strong As Ours. Well here Nine Years Later We Are Even Stronger. God Bless America.

To The Families Of Victoms Of This Tragedy I Am Terribly Sorry

Never forget what happened on this day in our history. Why? This is what happened...

2,819 Killed
343 Firefighters Killed
23 NYPD Killed
37 Port Authority Officers Killed
115 Nations who had citizens killed in attack
289 Bodies found "intact"
19,858 Body parts found
1,717 Families that got no remains
99 Days fire continued burning at ground zero
422,000 New Yorkers suffering from post tramatic stress disorder as a result of the attacks on 9/11

And when it happened...

8:45 am Flight 11 hit the North Tower
9:00 am Bush finds out whats is going on
9:03 am Flight 175 hit the South tower
9:43 am Flight 77 hits the pentagon
9:57 am Bush departs from Florida
10:05 am The South Tower falls to the ground
10:10 am Flight 93 crashes in Pennsylvania
10:28 am The North Tower collapses
5:20 pm WTC #7 collapses (not hit by anything)

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