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Please pass this along...

Hey Everyone,

I know it's been awhile since I asked anyone for donations. Times have been tight for us all, and "Scares That Care!" has suffered because of the economic downturn.

I still need to keep pressing on, however, so what I'm asking is that you go to our website - - and donate a couple of dollars if you can spare it.

Keep in mind, that we are now offering swag for donations - $15.00 gets you a "Scares That Care!" coffee mug, and $25.00 gets you a "Scares That Care!" T-shirt. Donate $35.00 and you get BOTH!

Like I said...I hate begging. I hate that everyone is having a rough time. But none of us are going through what the kids at the Kennedy- Institute have to go through on a daily basis.

Please help us help the kids if you can! If you can't donate, would you please repost this message for me!

Thanks -

Joe Ripple
"Scares That Care!"

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