connecting women to health care

We have a new website for Cedar River Clinics at It is easier to navigate and find what you want. If you are in a position to refer or recommend a health center to a woman seeking birth control, abortion or a regular checkup,…Read More

Open House at Renton Clinic

If you are pro-choice and live in the greater Seattle area, you are invited to meet supporters and staff at an Open House in late June 2011. We think you will love our new clinic and will enjoy and event where people talk about the future of reproductive…Read More

Thank you anonymous

Cedar River Clinics/Feminist Women's Health Center just received a grant of $10,000 at the recommendation of an anonymous donor to The Seattle Foundation! Donors who give large or small make reproductive care possible and accessible. Thank you whoever you…Read More

Support the Limited Service Pregnancy Center Accountability Act

In Olympia, we support "truth-in-advertising" legislation, HB1366 and SB5274 to stop deceit by limited service pregnancy centers. If you have been harassed or gotten bad information from a crisis pregnancy center, please contact Cedar River Clinics directly…Read More

The Assassination of Dr. Tiller on MSNBC

If you missed The Assassination of Dr. Tiller with Rachel Maddow at 6 pm Pacific Time Zone, be sure to watch it at 9 pm tonight if you get cable and MSNBC… chilling, especially the last 10 seconds. Tell us what you think.

The Assassination of Dr. Tiller

Be sure to watch this documentary on MSNBC with Rachel Maddow - 9 pm ET - Monday, Oct. 25

Cedar River's Renton clinic moved!

Effective yesterday, Cedar River Clinics moved within Renton to 263 Rainier Ave S. Suite 200 (upstairs). A huge positive reaction was heard from all of the women served on our first day in the new space. See pictures at…Read More
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