To make NHS aware that smear tests should be taken at 16 as many people are dieing, and with a simple smear test they would be saved !!

Trying to make people aware of how important smear tests are!!

Thank you for joining my cause, I never thought it would be so popular, I am glad I made it now so people can realise how important smear tests are!

When my mum was 22 a smear test showed that my mum had cancerous warts, I was only a year old! imagine if back then the smear test age was 25? i wouldn't have my mum today? I am now 22 and have a son of 2 and I have never had a smear test? it scares the life out of me that the NHS thinks that this is acceptable ? Things that could be sorted so easy could turn into some many people's life's ruined? FOR WHAT????

1. smears 4 16+