'Friends for Maddy' Charity Match February 28th @ Central Park in Eltham

The Eltham and Warrandyte Football Clubs along with the support of the Eltham Cricket Club are combining to raise funds for Maddy and her family. Through a charity match on February 28th at Central Park in Eltham, they are calling on the community to come…Read More

Family Photo Fundraiser 25/7/09 @ Hurstbridge 4 Maddy

Hi Guys, My apologies if you have already received an email or Facebook notification about this, we just want to make sure we get through to everyone... With our sincere thanks to Rebecca Lincoln Photography and Hurstbridge Scout Group, we are hosting a…Read More

'Friends for Maddy' Photo Fundraiser

Rebecca Lincoln photography is putting on a 'Friends for Maddy' fundraiser in July. Rebecca contacted us to say that she would love to contribute by holding a Photo Fundraiser with the proceeds going towards the cause. If you would like to have a family…Read More

'Friends for Maddy' update

Hello all, we have some amazing news to share with you! We received a phone call from Fran Noble today. Both Fran and Ross have arrived back in Oz safely, and she wanted to let us know that the sales from signed posters after Ross' shows in the UK have raised…Read More

Over 1,000 friends and almost $4,000 raised so far!

Well, we now have over 1,000 friends who have joined the 'Friends for Maddy' appeal thanks to you! and are very close to $4,000 raised for Maddy and her family! Recently we were contacted by neighbours of the Bartlett family, Fran and Ross Noble. They lost…Read More

Over $3,500 raised so far for the 'Friends of Maddy' appeal!

Hey all! A huge thank you to everyone who is helping spread the word. We have recruited over 800 friends who have joined the 'Friends for Maddy' cause on facebook and raised $3,500 so far! As an old friend recently said to me, "It's a pretty special place…Read More

Over $2,000 raised so far for the 'Friends of Maddy' appeal!

Hey all, in just 1 week we have not only raised over $2,000 for the 'Friends of Maddy' appeal but also recruited 125 friends to the cause on facebook! We would love to hear from you all, so please keep us up to date with what you are doing, and don't…Read More
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