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Well it has been over 3 years and still we live with the daily life of "life after an accident"...I am forever grateful that I didn't lose my childrens lives in the accident,but to see the suffering long after it is "all over" is heartbreaking. We still see…Read More

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PLEASE if you have not Joined do it NOW...

Still no news...except bad news with more crashes...and no seatbelts..

Life after a crash is not fun..but we can say without a doubt we have life. To live with the constant reminders is hard..but yes...we are living. To know that things could have been a lot worse,is true...but they also could have been a whole lot…Read More

Thank you for your support...we need to step it up

Hi, Well the fight is not over and we need to keep going till we get what is for our kids. This is not an"I win" situation this is a REAL life and death fight. Lets us all challenge each other to get another 50 sign up each...more if possible…Read More

Swimming with sharks...

   Well yestersay I was only minutes away from seeing my son dive in with a tankfull of sharks...I would have let him..but it didn't happen...the fear factor got in the way...for him...BUT THATS OK... I just want to let you know that I (as his mum) was…Read More

new way to link in...please send it around.

Hi now we can access this link direct. please ask everyone you know to have a look...even if they are not on fb. Thanks for your continued support. Sincerely Jada Burns...beltsonbuses...Our Children...Our Future.

Survivor of a car accident...

 Having survived a bad road accident myself I Know first hand about living with the injuries . But that is it I did live,somedays the pain is terrible but you get through it. Some injuries CAN BE simply putting on a seatbelt... I suffered a…Read More
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