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Memorial Day

Now that the barbecues are over, we invite you to reflect on the "memorial" aspect of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day was instituted to commemorate those killed during war-time military service. In some American communities, the custom was extended to all the departed, as families would visit cemeteries to tend the graves of their loved ones.

As of this Memorial Day, the U.S. has been embroiled in two wars for six years, and counting. In other countries (Pakistan? Sudan? Somalia?), unrest and violence continue.

Would you consider sponsoring prayer for those who have passed--possibly suddenly and unprepared? At KPC, we'll be praying around the clock, as always: your offering dedicates the merit of that prayer to whomever you designate. Please click below. (And don't forget to submit the form for your offering!):
and offer the gift of prayer.

Your commemoration will be read out loud at the beginning of each group practice and will be displayed throughout your sponsorship of the KPC 24 Hour Prayer Vigil at the temple in Poolesville, Maryland. In honor of your commemoration, We will also send a card to whomever you designate.

The 24 Hour Prayer Vigil was initiated in 1985 by Jetsunma Ahkön Lhamo, KPC Spiritual Director, in Poolesville, Maryland. Under Jetsunma's guidance, the monks, nuns, and lay practitioners of KPC have vowed to offer prayers around the clock to end suffering for all beings. The vigil has been unbroken for 24 years.

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