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Prayer Without Ceasing and Tibetan New Year

Hello Everyone,
Tomorrow, Wednesday February 25, marks the beginning of the 15 day period that celebrates the Tibetan New Year or Losar. During this time period, all virtue is multiplied 100,000 times.

What better way to commemorate Losar than to support Prayer Without Ceasing during this auspicious time period! Here are a few ways:

Make it the featured cause on your profile so all who visit will see it.

Link to it from your blog, MySpace, or other social networking site.

Recruit your friends to join the cause.

Post your inspirational stories of the power of prayer on the wall.

Forward the video "The Message" (posted yesterday under Media) to friends on and off Facebook.

Consider making a donation - no amount is too small.

Thank you for your consideration - and Happy Losar!

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