The Prodigal Bag

I just got a call from the airlines that they found my missing bag!!! Praise God! It was in Chicago - who knows how it got there. They are flying it back to LA and it should arrive at my apartment in the next couple of days. Wow, what a relief. Now comes the…Read More

Via Tanzania

Hey guys, I don't have time to write much, but just wanted to let you know everything is going well. I still don't have my luggage yet, but hoping that will come soon. We've spent the last few days pretty much finalizing the script and storyboarding out the…Read More

Ready or not....!

Well, everything is finally all packed and repacked and then packed one last time just for fun. There was a piece of equipment that the missionaries asked for at the last minute. I was about to tell them that it was just too late. But with the help of a…Read More

Six Days and Counting!

A giant thank you to everyone who joined my cause! Knowing that I have a group of friends and family that are praying for me is giving me a sense of peace even now. It's hard to believe that I'm flying out on Saturday morning!! I love adventure and I'm…Read More

Financial Support for my trip has been met!

Praise God! I have received enough donations from family and friends in order to pay for the cost of this mission trip. What a blessing! But I still REALLY need your help. Prayer is such an essential part of missions. I will be stepping out of my comfort…Read More
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