INVITE INVITE INVITE!!! We need to invite more people so that this issue reaches everyone!!! Please everyone, INVITE!

The DPW is now taking applications for mini-grants

The department of public welfare is now accepting applications for $500 grants for anyone with autism spectrum disorder or family member with ASD.. here is the link.

Thank you for your support

I am asking everyone to donate at $5. I will be donating $25. If we can get the ball rolling, we might be able to get others to donate as well... $5.00. That is it...

My cause

Thank you so much everyone for your support on this issue! It means alot to me and sure it does for all those who are faced with autism and the people that care about them...

Walk for Autism

There will be a Walk for Autism in Allentown,Pa on April 18th, 2009. It will begin a Lehigh Parkway. For those of you who arent in the Lehigh Valley, you can check out…Read More
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