Our Fan Page  We believe that words are powerful....this matters. Blog4Peace Nov 4 ~ Join us on Facebook or @ blog4peace.com Our goal is to raise awareness, promote community and world activism by encouraging  conversations around the possibility of living in global peace instead of perpetual war. What kind of world do you want? What measures will you take to promote peace in your own life? BlogBlast For Peace is an online community of international bloggers, Facebook users and Tweeters who annually "blog for peace" on November 4. We believe that talking and writing about peace as a global community is a way of connecting and empowering all of us. When people are united around a common goal of good, change follows! The peace globe posts began in 2006 and spread from blog to blog. It became an online movement with thousands participating from 196 countries and counting (!) Make your own peace globe. Write your own thoughts on peace for the world to read. Your words are powerful. Our words and images collectively are tremendously powerful! Our next event is November 4, 2013.  Please join us!  Fly a peace globe graphic (get one at blog4peace.com pre-made or templates ready to decorate), write a post titled Dona nobis pacem, connect with thousands of other peace bloggers and start a conversation. Be a part of something larger than yourself. It's simple and powerful. Right click and GRAB THE BADGE ON THIS PAGE  1. Promote peace around the world and in your towns and cities 2. Promote global awareness for the suffering and injustices in our world 3. Promote respect for diversity and cultural differences 4. Use your voice to make a change 5. Visit http://blog4peace.com OR http://mimilenox.com for more info!