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HFME Grey ribbons: May 12 is not about Myalgic Encephalomyelitis ICD-10

May 12 is the day each year when "awareness-raising" is supposedly done about M.E. - but in fact this is *confusion-sowing* - exacerbating the harm already done by the conflation of M.E. ICD-10, a serious neurological, multi-systemic illness which has had a classification (G93.3) with the WHO since 1969, with fibromyalgia syndrome and the wastebasket concept of "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" - disease categories which are medically unrelated to M.E.

May 12 has come to be about anything *but* M.E.

HFME has put out some grey ribbons in contrast to the others you might see circulating - we felt a sombre colour is appropriate, in recognition of the reality that M.E. is currently receiving 0 government dollars worldwide for research - so successful has been the attempt to pretend M.E. is part of or the same thing as "CFS", "CFS/M.E.", "CFIDS", etc.

There are some great ribbon designs by HFME's Jodi Bassett at .

Feel free to choose your own M.E. awareness ribbon to use as your Facebook profile picture!

Download the image you like best. Use it alone, or even better, merge the image with a photo of you! (Perhaps putting the ribbon image in one corner or underneath your own picture.)

The blue 'ME/CFS' awareness ribbon is not part of M.E. advocacy. M.E. is NOT 'CFS' nor 'ME/CFS.'

May 12 is NOT a day for M.E. awareness!

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