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* New HFME digital/printed format book* - 'Caring For The M.E. Patient' by Jodi Bassett

Dear all,

We are so excited that a new book by the Hummingbirds' Foundation for M.E. is available - 'Caring for the M.E. patient', written by the HFME's founder Jodi Bassett, with a forward by the most knowledgeable living M.E. doctor, Dr Byron Hyde.

best wishes to all,
Ginny Brown

This book provides essential information for anyone who knows, loves or provides care for someone with M.E. - sourced from the world's leading M.E. experts.

The book 'Caring For The M.E. Patient' by Jodi Bassett includes a Foreword by one of the world's leading M.E. experts, Dr Byron Hyde.

He writes:

"This is a book that deserves being read, not only by patients and physicians with an interest in M.E. but the bureaucrats in the USA Centers for Disease Control who have done so much damage to the understanding of M.E. There is so much false information that is picked up and disseminated it is near impossible to hold one’s head above the water and sift through this morass of misinformation. Any attempt to seek the truth is always a major difficulty. Somehow, Jodi Bassett and Hummingbird have managed to plow through this field of weeds. I recommend her book to all and wish it every best success."

From the back cover:

For friends, family and partners: Your friend or family member may be just as ill and disabled as someone with M.S., yet have almost no appropriate social support at all. They may also be dealing with serious medical neglect or even overt abuse. This happens due to the deliberate, financially and politically motivated confusion between the distinct and measurable neurological disease M.E. and the vague fatigue-based wastebasket diagnosis of 'CFS'. These are two entirely different entities. Find out what is really going on and why.

Learning the facts is not time-consuming or complicated, and may improve both the patient's quality of life, and your relationship with them. You can help the person in your life that has M.E. Supporting your ill friend or family member more fully by being aware of the basic facts of M.E. could make all the difference in the world to them. This book shows you how.

For medical professionals: Patients with M.E. have some care needs which are common to a variety of other diseases, and others that are unique and with which hospital staff, doctors or carers may be wholly unfamiliar. If you are providing care for someone with M.E., you will find knowledge of some of the basic M.E. facts vital in order to avoid additional unnecessary suffering and disability.

Taking a small amount of time to learn the facts about the disease can make an enormous difference to the M.E. patient's quality of life and prognosis. It could even be life-saving. Providing appropriate care and support for the M.E. patient could make all the difference in the world to them. This book shows you how.

This book will be available from, and other booksellers in the near future, most likely November - December 2011. A hardcover version and a large print paperback are also due to be released around the same time.


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