get facebook to ban the BNP & other fascist organisations

We are setting up this cause because the BNP are a nazi party who want to create an all white Britain; drive out gay people; end women's rights; wipe out our trade unions..

the same goals as Hitler and lets face it, whateever nice suits they put on, there is only one way to do that--mass murder.

imagine.. an all white britain.. life without most of your tunes, many of the best football players, sportsfolk, your mates, probably your favourate foods..

and then imagine some nasty nazi using facebook to organise to smash our lovely diverse society.

come on facebook.. listen to the petitions and protests. Get the Nazis like the BNP off facebook

1. The vast majority of people oppose racism and fascism

2. The BNP are not just a racist party. They are fascists, they want to wipe out diversity and democracy.

3. Freedom of speech should not be extended to Nazis because they only use it to smash democracy and destroy society

4. The BNP are a nazi party

5. The BNP should be opposed wherever they organise--and banned by facebook