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1. The planet needs a bright green future. 2. Worldchanging is all about bright green futures. 3. Worldchanging is a small nonprofit with a huge opportunity: $100,000 challenge to raise $10,000 in pledges. 4. We need 209 people to help us kick off the…Read More

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Reports, articles and essays from our global network of independent journalists, designers and thinkers covering the world's most intelligent solutions to today's problems ► Locavolts or Super Grids? Where to Source Clean Energy? by ALEX STEFFEN Should…Read More

Headlines from the Week of January 18

Worldchanging Interview: Dr. Lin Jiabin on Sustainability in China by JUNKO EDIHIRO Worldchanging ally Junko Edahiro, founder of the NGO Japan for Sustainability, delivered a presentation about Japanese citizen and NGO action in October at the China-Japan…Read More

Sign the petition to Repower America Dear Stop Global Warming Member, On January 20th, President-elect Obama and Congress will sit down to work in Washington facing major challenges -- the economy, national security, and the climate crisis. It is…Read More

Thank You for A Great First Five Years! Alex Steffen

For the last five years, Worldchanging has been the leader in solutions-based journalism about sustainability and social innovation. Our approach has incorporated elements of a blog, a magazine and an online community, but one thread has woven all these…Read More

The Collapse of Civilization: "It Wouldn’t Be An Adventure"

by Alex Steffen January 3, 2008 10:12 PM Kim Stanley Robinson makes a point I made elsewhere, but much more clearly: "It’s a failure of imagination to think that climate change is going to be an escape from jail – and it’s a failure in a couple of…Read More

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News and Views -- August 17, 2007 Emily Gertz * Malagasy Bloggers Rally for Madagascar’s Children * Living Piggy Lives: On organic…Read More
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