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Dear Stop Global Warming Member,

On January 20th, President-elect Obama and Congress will sit down to work in Washington facing major challenges -- the economy, national security, and the climate crisis. It is important that they understand the common thread that ties all of these challenges together -- our addiction to foreign oil and dirty coal.

The solution is to “Repower America” with 100% clean electricity within 10 years. It will push our economy out of recession, create millions of new American jobs, end our addiction to dirty coal and foreign oil and solve the climate crisis.

Tell President-elect Obama and Congress we support them in the bold action needed to Repower America.

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We’ll deliver all signatures to President-elect Obama and key Congressional leaders during their first weeks on the job in January 2009. One big bundle, one clear message. Here’s the text of the petition:

We need to Repower America with 100% clean electricity within ten years. Doing so will mean millions of American jobs, stable energy prices, and freedom from dirty fossil fuels and global warming pollution. Repower America and end our addiction to foreign oil and dirty coal. Americans are calling for bold change.

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Thank you,

Cathy Zoi

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