Improve public engagement in the political process governing school funding.

This group exists to increase funding of Florida's wonderful public schools. Florida is 49 out of 50 in per student funding, and our children deserve better!

We are a group of dedicated citizens who are trying to engage others in the processes necessary to do what it takes to help our children!

Fund Our Schools was started in November, 2008 by several public school teachers who are disgusted at the diminishing educational opportunities for our students due to the lack of appropriate funding. We are part of a group of over 360 teachers, students, parents and other community members who support the rights of all children to have a quality, comprehensive public education. We believe that all options for funding schools should be seriously considered, including eliminating some tax exemptions (except on food and medicine), increasing the state wide sales tax (except on food and medicine), expanding taxes from gambling revenue.

Under these plans, visitors to Florida will help fund our schools and the citizens of Florida will benefit. We are trying to engage others in the political process that is responsible for providing funding for our children in school. Our Chair, Carl Howard, is a public school teacher and community organizer in Orange County.

1. Improve revenue streams for our schools

2. Protect art, music, Social Studies and other subjects that comprise a comprehensive education

3. Promote a great public school for every child

4. Increase media attention to grassroots actions that organize and connect parents, teachers, students and other friends of public education