I'm Positive Inc. champions the honor of developing and managing comprehensive programs and unparalleled services that provide direct relief to people affected by HIV or AIDS.

I'm Positive, Inc. was founded in February of 2009 by Thomas Lahey. Being HIV-positive himself, he was able to personally experience the lack of resources and the inhuman touch that the existing organizations operate on.

Our members consist of HIV-positive and HIV-negative supporters that are committed to making the changes required to have the impact needed to eradicate the effects of HIV.

Through the support of the public, our amazing volunteers and our generous donors, I'm Positive, Inc. embraces our duty as a public organization to personally guide people affected by this disease into a more positive and healthy way of living.

We believe in prosperity and happiness through diversity and understanding. Our programs and services are open to any interested individual, business or organization that has a genuine interest in helping people live better lives.

Join our fight today and make a difference!

1. Our compassionate staff and volunteers are dedicated to providing the fundamental solutions.

2. These solutions help improve the physical, psychological and social well being of our members.

3. Unifying resources and efforts to bring a universal answer to those affected by HIV or AIDS.