Helping our ARMED SERVICES personnel after injury

Help for Heroes has become, in the words of the Prime Minister, a ‘National Institution’ and it is hard to believe we only started this in October 2007. Since then we have raised £1 million a month to help support our wounded servicemen and women injured in the current conflicts. We have done that with your help. This has really been something very simple, a group of friends who wanted to do something to help, that message communicated to others who have joined in and made this the success it so obviously is.

This is not about politics, there is no need to criticise or complain, why moan about it being dark when you can light a candle? We may have started something but thousands have joined us to make this what it is today. This is about ordinary decent people wanting to to do their bit to help, to raise money by joining in and so creating something that has become rather wonderful.

Over the last few weeks we have seen this support building into a a huge, unstoppable wave. The RFU hosted the Rugby Challenge Match at Twickenham and 52,000 of you cheered on the Rugby Legends and raised over £1.3m. A business man decided to do his bit and paid £1.5m to fly with the RAF’s Red Arrows. The finalists of Simon Cowell’s X Factor joined in and sung Hero which has become the fastest selling record of the decade. Even James Bond has signed up with over £500,000 raised for H4H and the Poppy appeal at the Royal Premier of Quantum of Solace.

There are thousands of events happening all over the country as people decide to show their support, people who are prepared to get on and do something, to light a candle in the dark. All of us at Help for Heroes are staggered by the support and would like to say thank you to all of you who have made this work..... Now keep going!

Thank you

Richard Chandler

1. www.helpforheroes.org.uk http://www.helpforheroes.org.uk/latest_news.html

2. Help all 2-gain respect and dignity after injury and disablement

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