Jeff Angel urgent communique - We've reached crunch time on electronic waste!

After many years (37 to be precise!) of environmental campaigning, the way I've maintained my sanity is to take a morning stroll for about an hour to think through the coming day's work. However, recently I've been increasingly interrupted by the sheer…Read More

Government Gets a Second Chance on E-Waste

Hi everyone, The revitalised Federal Government has a chance to lift its game on e-waste, but there are some serious challenges: The Great Digital Switch Dump: 10 million televisions are at risk of unnecessarily being dumped in landfill because Stephen…Read More

Next Steps for the Motherboard of all Problems

Hi everyone, Now that Environment Ministers have agree to a national TV and computer recycling program, we have to make sure it is as extensive and effective as possible. We'll be campaigning on batteries, compact fluorescent lights, mobile phones, MP3…Read More

Victory on TVs and Computers! Now for all the other techno-trash...

Hello! A few hours ago Environment Ministers announced a national recycling scheme for televisions and computers by 2011. This will stop around 14 million tvs and computers being dumped in landfill every year. It will save valuable resources, boost…Read More

National Recycling for TVs and Computers a Step Away - Help Needed

Tomorrow Australia's environment ministers are meeting to decide on a national recycling scheme for tvs and computers. Make sure they hear the message that they must deliver on this important decision by sending an email to Peter Garrett and your state…Read More

TV and Computer RIS is now out for Consultation.

The TV and Computer Regulatory Impact Statement has been released for public consultation over the next month. Make sure you visit the Environment Protection and Heritage Council website or DEWHA website if you want to complete a submission. The relevant page…Read More

Last Weeks Environment Meeting - a result at last?

Last Friday's meeting represented a positive step towards the introduction of an Australian electronic recycling scheme. The ministers have resolved to finalise EPR schemes for computers and televisions by the next meeting in November. They are also…Read More
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